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How Security in Ministry Came About..

      In the 1980s the Reverend J.C. Curry Pastor of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church met with Sheriff Joe Wilson of Genesee County Sheriff Department, At which time Rev. Curry asked the sheriff of the possibility of training some members of his church congregation to be special deputies.  To oversee and protect their own property during church and other religious days of activities.  Sheriff Wilson gave this idea careful consideration.  Shortly thereafter, Sheriff Wilson involved Undersheriff Art Evans and Deputy Bill Brown, Training Coordinator to assist in bringing this request to pass.  Other churches observed the great work that was being done and sought to be a part of this ministry.  As time passed the churches wishing to be involved increased, adding to a larger church participation.

      Arlee Mitchner a retired reserved Flint Police Captain, Scan Special Deputy and a member of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Reverend H.B. Dixon pastor, looked on and was moved by the spirit of God that the church security needed to be unified with a common leader.  "For the Lord God is a God of organizational structure."   When he talked with Sheriff Wilson, the sheriff appointed him the task of organizing this structured leadership.

      As time passed Walli's Restaurant, located on Pierson Road in Flint, Mi. became an organizational meeting place.  during one of these breakfast meetings at Walli's Restaurant the group was not able to reserve a room for the meeting and tried to conduct it in a certain section of the restaurant.  It became too noisy and frictional with the customers.  The Reverend Archie Powell Jr. pastor of First Union Missionary Baptist Church, who was also at Walli's Restaurant at the time, observed the dilemma and inquired as to what was the problem.  When he was appraised by one of his members, Alvin Reid who was a member of SIM, he advised Mr. Reid to take the group to his church and conduct the meeting there.  That became the birth and official meeting place for The Security In Ministry Organization.

      A well-qualified spiritual filled staff and a trinity of; Col. Ralph Tedford, 1st Major C.J. Henderson, and himself, (General Arlee Mitchner),surround Arlee Mitchner. These leaders were appointed by the new sheriff of Genesee County, Robert Pickell, to oversee and be responsible for the Security In Ministry operations.

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