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SIM Banquet Deceased Family Members

They came, they saw the need, and they joined the cause. They spent their last years helping to make a difference. And because of it, thieves are now hesitant to tread and are looking the other way. Some that were afraid to return to night services started coming back. Souls that were once confused and troubled can now relax and receive the word of salvation. Lord we pray for their families and loved ones. We thank you for letting them cross our paths, and for being a part of the SIM family during our life time. A big shout for those that had ceased from this life, but the memory of their service lives on.


1. Bro. Veodies Callaway - Antioch Baptist Church -12/28/15
2. Bro. James E Beasley - Greater Galilee Baptist Church - 1/11/2016
3. Bro. Lee Watson - First Union Baptist Church - 1/26/2016
4. Bro. Jonathan Waddell - Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church - 8/5/16
5. Bro. Henderson Cuba - Antioch MBC Church - 08/27/16
6. Sister Vera Wilson - Metropolitan MBC - 9/3/16
7. Bro. Oliver Jones - Quinn Chapel AME - 09/09/2016
8. Pastor JS Hospkins formally of St Mark MBC. But who now resides in the arms of God.

Colonel Ralph Tedford

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