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Meetings every 3rd Saturday at 10:30 a.m.
at First Union Missionary Baptist Church

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What Security In Ministry Is All About:
The Truth Behind Our Service

      Security in Ministry (SIM) is a good example of people being used and guided by the principles of God to help change their environment, their situation, their community and circumstances by combining faith with works and taking a stand as a deterrent against the cruel craftiness of the worlds ills,  therefore injecting life and hope in their cities, town and communities.

      Security in Ministry (SIM) is made up of volunteers of many different churches and denominations from throughout Genesee County. Who with the support, blessing, and courtesy from the Genesee Sheriff's Department, have been granted the privilege of setting up their own security force with the Genesee County Sheriff Department (GCSD) guidelines to help protect their own property and parishioners.

      Since the beginning of Security in Ministries, there has been thousands of dollars saved by the deterrent of theft in church parking lots and church property during and after church activities.  People can now come to church and worship with peace of mind, which alleviates the worry of their cars being stolen or damaged.  The preacher can preach to an even more relaxed group and the word of God can increase to help us take back our streets and cities. (Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.)

      We work very closely with the different leaders representing each church and have monthly meetings with them.  We have security bi-laws in our non-profit organization that governs the way we deal with each other.

      Our Purpose and Reason for Continual Growth (Article 11) states the following: "To establish and organize as developed by or through the GCSD, church and religious organizations with the knowledge of instituting in-house security personnel for the purpose of self protecting their parishioners, visitors and guest during worship or established hours of educational and spiritual training."

      In order to be a member of SIM, you must be a member of a church and have a security background records checked by the GCSD, and your church must be interested in setting up their own security group, which will abide by the rules of the GCSD.

Security in Ministry is the only one of it's kind known in America!

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