A Word of Encouragement for S.I.M. Workers…………

“It’s Worth It”

By: Rev. Carlos D. Williams, Pastor

Metropolitan Baptist Tabernacle

             “So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.” -I Corinthians 15:58 (NLT)

The work that you do is vitally important to the cause of Christ and for the safety of our congregations. Sometimes we take for granted the individuals who serve in what we call the less visible ministries. We fail to remember that you continue to place yourself in harm’s way and make sacrifices beyond your reasonable service. We as pastors and members may pass by and withhold the encouraging words that need to be constantly stated as you serve courageously and boldly with honor, but we need to renew our commitment in giving you the honor that you all so richly deserved.

 As you serve in ministry, even if it is parking a car, opening a door, or walking the lot. Serve with enthusiasm and with a smile. Be encouraged and know that we do appreciate you and may you receive the inspiration in knowing that our Lord has risen and has victory over death. Isn’t that enough motivation for us to work in ministry? Nothing we do for him will ever be wasted or lost. Our labor is not in vain. In short, it’s worth it!


Pastor Carlos D. Williams

Metropolitan MBC




Words of encouragement

Pastor Todd Syruws

Ignite Flint Four Square Church


We all realize that we live in an hour that the subject of security is an important matter. Evil has grown worse and people who do evil have increased. A generation ago we would have never thought that the need of security at church would be a pressing matter. I as a pastor's son grew up in a time that the church was never locked so people could go in and pray at any time. Those days are gone. Today the security of church property, church attendees, and most importantly the children are a needed focus for every pastor and church. The SIMS department at Ignite Flint Four Square Church has been a real blessing for me and our entire church body. They are visible in the halls, parking lot, and sanctuary. They have dealt with many issues and have brought us a real sense of protection. May God bless all of the SIMS across our county and know that your labor is not in vain.


Pursuing Him,

Pastor Todd Syruws

Ignite Flint Four Square Church (Flint, MI)


Pastor: Marvin A Jennings Sr.

Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church

Flint Michigan

To our protectors


In November Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church took time out of its service to celebrate our many men and women in all branches of the armed forces, police and security officers, and firemen. We acknowledged and honored these men and women by name and with a gift for the outstanding service they provide to their country and fellow citizens therein. Too often we awake and begin our day without a thought of who stays up both night and day protecting our borders, our streets, our homes, out properties, our lives; we take these very special men and women for granted. In John’s Gospel the fifteenth chapter and thirteen verse says: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Therefore, again to the men and women in all various areas of security, we acknowledge your contribution, and salute you for your willingness to offer the ultimate sacrifice! While Grace Emmanuel honors your contribution, we understand that there is no gift or anything of value that will compensate for the sacrifices you make. May God Bless you all in this field, our prayers are forever with you and may I close by quoting Benjamin Franklin: they that can give up essential liberty to obtain a “little temporary” safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Once again, we thank God for you and for the liberty, and safety you provide

 God Bless you

Pastor Marvin A Jennings Sr.

Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church of Flint





Pastor Seon Thompson

Refuge Temple Church of Flint

1st Samuel 16:21 says that David came to Saul, and stood before him; and he loved him greatly: and he became his armor bearer. The Genesee County Sheriff's Security in Ministry program is without question armor bearers of the county. Everyone cannot serve in the pulpit and pastor, or evangelize: everyone cannot labor in the kitchen and cook. Oh how we need the helps ministry of directing traffic, security during collections, and all that you do. Rain sleek, or snow, sunshine, hail, or winds, SIM has a mission to watch, observe, and to protect, there is no greater helping hand for the county's churches than the Sheriff's Security in Ministry.

King Saul needed someone to depend on when the battle was raging. He needed a confident who would defend him in time of need. I commend SIM for an impeccable record of love and support to the churches of our dear county, and especially for the city of Flint. I hope and pray that the Lord would grant more support  for all of your endeavors, and give you more manpower, as he uses you to help other counties start a similar program.

Refuge Temple Church of Flint is indeed honored to be among the list of supporters of the SIM team and look forward to future  collaborations. Keep up the awesome work.




Bradford Barksdale

Former Chief of Police (Flint MI)


Dear Colonel Tedford:


I am writing to express my appreciation and admiration for the services members of the Security in Ministry organization has been providing in the Greater Flint Community. The volunteers in the organization have provided for an environment in which members of this community can attend religious services without concern and anxiety over being victims of crime, particularly in regards to their automobile. I have no doubts that the effort of the Security in Ministry has resulted in a significant reduction in the incidents of Automobile Theft, Larceny from Automobiles, Burglary of Automobiles, and Vandalism of Automobiles.


In the short time that I have been Chief of Police for the City, the leaders of two churches who were concerned about security in their parking lots during services have contacted me. On both occasions, I confirmed that they were not aware of the Security in Ministry, which I correctly assumed upon hearing their concerns. I highly recommended the program and referred them to Colonel Ralph Tedford.


I compliment Sheriff Pickell for having a well organized and effective group of volunteers wearing uniforms, thus representing the Department and enhancing his department image.


Law enforcement efforts would never be effective without citizens willing to come forth and assist. The Security in Ministry is a prime example of citizens and law enforcement officials working together to enhance the quality of life in a community.


I was honored to be invited to attend your annual awards dinner in 2000. The award winners were very deserving. Best wishes as your organization continue to grow.



Pastor Derrick A. Aldridge

Foss Avenue Baptist Church


We salute those who tirelessly and effortlessly protect our church families during our worship services. It is a blessing to know that men and women of our churches are dedicated to protecting our vehicles as well as our personal belongings while we worship. We are glad that you are able to rotate your duties so that you are able to attend services also. It is also a blessing to know that you are requiting our youth to learn and grow from this experience. We look at the ministry as a blessing. We know that you are not looking for wealth or fame, only to serve the Lord and his church.


We know that some of your work sometimes go unnoticed, but know that we are eternally grateful for your spirit and presence in this ministry.


The Moderator Reverend Henry L. Fuller

Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church


At a time when Security is a great concern everywhere, even in and around the church parking lots and areas of parking around the church, is often open season for thieves. Security In Ministry has brought great relief. What joy it is to take this means and time to commend the vision of S.I.M. that has become a reality and brought much relief to the church community as it gathers for worship. Compliments are in order for the very fine men and women who are willing to deprive themselves and give up their worship experience that others may be relieved of some worry of the safety of their automobiles while they attend worship.


S.I.M. we salute you, we pray for you and praise you for the commendable job you are doing, especially hear at Mt. Calvary and other church communities.


Pastor Fred S. White

New Heaven Missionary Baptist Church


The bible speaks of giving honor to those whom honor is due, and in that respect, I am highly honored to have this privilege and opportunity to commend our men and women who are serving in our city, state, and county in the ministry of security. These security guards are serving God as they serve God's people. For Jesus said: Insomuch as ye have done it unto one of the lease my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matt 25:40.


We thank our security guards because it is so relaxing and so pleasant to the mind to be able to worship without having to wonder nor worry about the safety of our automobiles, because we have trust in their work of protecting our cars and also the protection they give to those of us in route to our cars.


I am glad that we at the New Heaven Baptist Church have some of the great men and women who are serving in the Ministry of Security and I must say that they are doing a superb job, but not only ours, but all of our security guards all over the city. They are working together for one common cause, which is to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


I pray and trust that more of our Sister Churches will join the ranks of Security In Ministry, so our people can be and worship in safety. God is pleased with our people when they become servants one to another, for he say's if anyone desires to be great, let him be a servant.


Serving God through serving his people is one of the greatest jobs that one can have, and when we serve him in faith and sincerity he will bless our work and service in ministry.


So we say to you my brothers and sisters who are part of the Security In Ministry. May God bless you to continue to be faithful in his service, and when your work is completed down here on earth, God will call you home to heaven to reward you for a job well done. May god bless you and keep you in our prayer. Amen.


Pastor Richard H. Coleman

Former Pastor: Quinn Chapel A.M.E


Security is a concept that grabs our attention. Classic behavioral science identifies security as one of our basic needs as human beings. Is there any substitute for security that can give us a sense of contentment and peace?


If we were to recon the amount of money spent on security, the number would, I'm sure, would astound us. Think about it: we buy insurance to protect our interest, employers screen job applicants and prospective credit customers and we maintain military and police forces in virtually every nation.


What price are we willing to pay to secure the House of Prayer? What investments will we make to insure that we have a safe and pleasant environment for corporate worship, prayer and study?


The leadership of Security in Ministry has considered those questions and, and by faith, has assembled corps of men and women throughout Genesee County to serve our properties. They do not serve for money, recognition or praise. Week in and week out they sacrifice to secure our facilities and grounds while we worship, pray, and study. They are paying the price. This ministry cost us nothing but respect and gratitude. I am sure we can pay that price.


As we move through these days of Christmas toward the New Year, let us remember the gift of peace that our Security in Ministry strives to protect.


Senior Pastor Bruce Garner

Faith Tabernacle of Greater Flint


When the people of Jerusalem were rebuilding the city walls under Nehemiah's leadership, certain enemies were stirred to cause trouble for the fight against the workers and the work. But Nehemiah and the people prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night. We don't have those kinds of enemies and yet the workers for God need a shield of safety and security when they are at church activities.


Of course that is what the Ministry of S.I.M. is all about. Providing safety and security for God's people. Part of preventing trouble is being prepared to deal with it if it does come. Nehemiah's enemies never did attack because Nehemiah and the people were ready. I encourage you to keep the attitude of vigilance and readiness, because that in itself is the first and most effective defense that we have.


Years ago while I was taking my turn in parking lot security, I watched two men wearing stocking caps and plaid wool shirts  pull into our lot, glare at our security car emblem and immediately drive out again. Nothing happened that morning, simply because I was there and ready.


Lets encourage others to be the same.


Pastor Archie Powell Jr.

First Union Baptist Church


Who is this security guard in our parking lot? He is more than a man or women in uniform that comes every Sunday morning and evening to guard the parking lot, so that our mind might be free from worry if someone is going to break into your car. They are always there in summer, winter, rain or snow. They have a badge not a gun. A book in their hand called a bible, and a warm smile on their faces. The parking lot becomes their pulpit and the wind is their choir singing. They get no tips, very few smiles, little respect but because they love God they continue to work. If you were to ask who is that person, they would say, I am a child of God. To them I say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.



Pastor Lewis Randolph

Antioch MBC


We are blessed to have a wonderful Security in Ministry (SIM) at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. We are thankful for their efforts and dedication to a protective cause. Unfortunately the times we live in have forced us to have extra protection for our members and their vehicles while they are trying to fellowship with their brothers and sisters. When I started Pastoring 29 years ago, you didn't see a need like it is today. It is also a blessing to have Sheriff Pickell and Police Chief Hagler's cooperative efforts with our security.

My admiration and appreciation to all who serve in not only Antioch's SIM, but in every church's SIM. May God bless each and every one of you.